What to do if I can't find my vet in the list?

On myanimals.eu you can only find vets that have opted to be listed on myanimals.eu. If your vet would be interested in this service he/she can contact info@myanimals.eu.

Why can't I register with some practices?

Not all practices offer this service. If you would like to use the functionality offered after registration, you could contact your vet and ask him/her to consider to enable this service.

What if I change vet?

In that case you can register again with your new vet.

How does myanimals.eu handle my privacy?

Your data on myanimals.eu are part of your veterinarian’s file and can therefore only be consulted by this veterinarian. The data is always encrypted when sending via the internet and the data is not shared with third parties. However, the veterinarian can redistribute messages from third parties to clients for whom he/she believes they have an advantage, without releasing your data to these third parties.

Why do I need to register to make an appointment?

You need to register because we want to avoid that appointments are made by non-existing persons or robots. It also allows the vet to contact you in case the appointment needs to be rescheduled or you need to bring something (e.g. vaccination booklet).

I made an appointment. Can I still change it?

Yes, you can remove the existing appointment and make a new one.

What's the price of the app?

This app is offered to you for free by your vet.

How do I create the icon on my home screen?

To create the icon on your home screen, you must first go to the specific myanimals.eu page of your veterinarian’s office. You can do this in the following ways:

  1. By scanning the QR code of your veterinarian's office.
  2. By surfing to myanimals.eu and searching for your veterinarian using ‘Find your veterinarian’.
  3. By entering the link of your veterinarian's office in your internet browser, e.g. http://myanimals.eu/giltonvets.
Then, browse the following steps (depending on your system):

Apple iOS - Safari

  1. Click on the small square with arrow, below the screen.
  2. Choose 'Install to home screen'.
  3. Click 'Add' in the upper right corner.

Android – Chrome en Firefox

  1. Click on the icon 'star' in the address bar, to enter the site in your preferences.
  2. Follow the instructions of your browser to register your preference.
  3. Open the 'Configurations' menu (the 3 blocks in the upper right corner) and choose ‘Bookmarks’.
  4. Click on the bookmark you just created for one to two seconds, a menu of possibilities will appear.
  5. Select 'Add to home screen'.

Windows Phone - Edge

  1. Click on the 3 points below, on the right.
  2. Click 'Attach to home screen'.