• Make online appointment
  • Consult medical file
  • Manage your pets
  • View loyalty card
  • Vaccination reminders
  • Messages from your vet
  • Order products


In the public part of myanimals.eu you can search for a vet based on name, ZIP code or city. After that you can choose to register with that practice. As a registered user you can:

  • Make online appointment
  • View the (partial) medical files of your pets
  • View and edit the information of your pet
  • View the status of your loyalty card
  • View when you have to visit your vet for a vaccination or other treatment of your pet
  • Be informed about information-sessions organized by your vet
  • Be informed about product promotions
Find your veterinarian


What to do if I can't find my vet in the list?

On myanimals.eu you can only find vets that have opted to be listed on myanimals.eu. If your vet would be interested in this service he/she can contact info@myanimals.eu.

Why can't I register with some practices?

Not all practices offer this service. If you would like to use the functionality offered after registration, you could contact your vet and ask him/her to consider to enable this service.

What if I change vet?

In that case you can register again with your new vet.

How does myanimals.eu handle my privacy?

Your data in myanimals.eu can only be consulted by your vet and th

Why do I need to register to make an appointment?

You need to register because we want to avoid that appointments are made by non-existing persons or robots. It also allows the vet to contact you in case the appointment needs to be rescheduled or you need to bring something (e.g. vaccination booklet).

I made an appointment. Can I still change it?

Yes, you can remove the existing appointment and make a new one.

What's the price of the app?

This app is offered to you for free by your vet.